Resolutions for 2018

What's the best way to stay accountable to your New Years Resolutions? According to the sites we checked, writing out a few measurable goals is key. So, we sat down first thing this AM and wrote down dozens of realistic company goals; that was easy. We struggled, however, to narrow them down to just a few goals- the "biggies".

But what's next, print out the list and nail it to a cork board in the office? How lackluster.

Instead, we present to you, with full knowledge that we may fall short and be due for an embarrassing conversation with you guys come years-end, Fellman Watch Co.'s Resolutions for 2018:

  •  Move more of our supply chain to the United States of America. Specifics: Currently, the design, assembly, and all business procedures associated with our timepieces are nationally sourced. Our goal is to find national providers for our machined watch cases and all of our watch band options. Our movements will continue to be sourced from Switzerland.
  • Personally connect with more like-minded adventure enthusiasts. Specifics: Currently, we attend 1-2 events a month and interact with some of our followers on social media. We've set the goal of participating in 40+ events this year (check out our Upcoming Events page here), along with maintaining a blog (yes, this blog) and newsletter to keep our supporters in-the-know.
  • Release new and updated designs. Specifics: We've received many requests about what you would like to see on our new watches; these ranged from band choices to glow-in-the-dark lume. We will include these requests on our next iteration, as well as many ideas of our own. As far as a new design, we are working on an automatic that will be released later this year.
  • Expand production and open a manufacturing facility. Specifics: We operate out of a converted garage and rented office space. We're hoping to relocate to CO, OR, or WA and purchase a space that allows us to design new pieces in one room, and bring them to life in the other. 
  • Redesign packaging for increased eco-friendliness. Specifics: Our timepiece packaging, packaging inserts, and shipping containers are all made of recycled paper. We want to introduce new packaging with less waste utilizing either a biodegradable packaging option, or a return-label-included, deposit-style packaging option. 

We hope this gives you an idea of where we're headed as a company in 2018 and we'll be sure to post on our blog regularly with updates or changes. If you're thinking, "What does this have to do with watches? I'd rather see XYZ from you guys," please, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Till next time, adventure on!

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