Fellman Watch Co. produces affordable wristwatches that will survive generations of adventures.
Our timepieces are engineered to transition effortlessly from office to backcountry and are hand-assembled
in the USA with high-quality parts.


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Our Vision: To create the new standard for affordable, modern-day field watches, made using exclusively responsible and sustainable methods.  

Launched in May of 2017, Fellman Watch Co. began with a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully-funded within 48 hours. Our goal was simple: To provide a watch that could keep up with you from the office, to the trails, to dinner at 8. People loved the engineering skill set required to bring this product to life, and our direct-to-consumer retail model ensures that our price point then, and now, remains at the lowest level possible. 

What makes us different?

Fellman Watch Co. timepieces are individually hand-assembled in Arizona, setting them apart in both quality and reliability. Every one of our watches is named after the mountain range it was tested in, and features high-quality components:
Exploded view rendering of components.
- Scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal

- Water-resistant (up to 100m)

- Swiss movement

- Stainless Steel case

- Interchangeable watch bands 
    Every aspect of our watches has been consciously selected to maximize quality and wearability, and, once assembled, each timepiece undergoes several phases of testing and inspection prior to leaving our facility. Tests include:
    1. Water pressure test (tested at full depth of 100m),
    2. Vibration test (to ensure all hands and screws are properly fitted),
    3. Visual inspection at four different phases of assembly (at 4-10x magnification). 

    Testing the Sapphire crystal for durability and scratch-resistance.

    Fellman Guarantee

    Every Fellman timepiece comes standard with a 5-year limited-warranty, covering anything other than normal wear-and-tear. In the unfortunate event you need to take advantage of this, shoot us an e-mail at info@fellmanwatchco.com and we'll provide you with the shipping label. 

    The battery on our timepieces is standard, and can be replaced by any watch technician.